Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Grade

Wow.  So very much has happened since I last blogged.  It's a little bit hard to remember life before the past 2 weeks.  But I think I will want a record of Luke's first days of second grade so here we go.

The day before school started we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Two thumbs up from Luke. In case you haven't noticed, he pretty much gives every single movie we see a two thumbs up, except the 3D documentary on the school of sardines we saw at the aquarium.

So, August 10 was the first day of school.  He was nervous but ready.

2nd grade, here he comes.  We walked to school, I think.  I should have blogged sooner about the first day. 

Luke was happy to see his new teacher, Mrs. G.  He met here a couple of days earlier when we went to school for his reading assessment.  She's a favorite teacher at school who just moved to 2nd grade after teaching 5th for many years.  They seem to be getting along just great.

Luke got right to work.  Look at that helper hand holding his paper still.  Putting all that OT to good use.  Luke was feeling hesitant when we left.  But he was all smiles after the first half day.

On a scale of 1-10, he gave the first day a 25.

That weekend we celebrated the beginning of a great new year by going to the county fair.

We rode the ferris wheel twice.  A big hit with the whole family.

Lamar and Luke rode the teacups.  I don't do spinning rides.

And after one week of school, Luke was at the doctor's office with strep.  He missed two days, then his teacher was out due to a loss in her family.  And with my mom's illness, things have been more chaotic than normal.  But Luke has really rolled with the punches and I'm so proud of him.

Since school's started, Luke's also graduated from private OT.  We really miss our OT of 4 years, Danielle, but we're so proud of Luke for being ready to "graduate."

My thoughts are jumbled but Luke is doing great.  The past few weeks as we dealt with the loss of our dear friend Sara and learned of my mom's illness, Luke and I had this conversation:
Luke:  I hope Mimi doesn't have what Mrs. Sara had.
Me:  I thinks she might.
L:  I know what that means.
M:  You do?
L:  Yes, she might die.
M:  Yes, that could happen.
L:  That is two of my favorite people, Mrs. Sara and Mimi.
M:  I know.  I'm sorry.
L:  But Mom, you know dying is a good thing.  You know, God, Jesus, heaven!

Love that boy.


Jenny said...

What amazing understanding for a 7 year old. Wow.

Jana said...

Wanted to check in on your blog and see what's going on. I don't remember reading this post before, with your conversation with Luke. Such beautiful words. Love your sweet family.